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laser hair removal

Laser Treatments

Unwanted hair can be a frustrating problem. It is one that many of our clients complain about. We are proud to offer laser hair removal services at Orenda MedSpa in Castle Rock, CO to achieve lasting results that enhance confidence and reduce the inconvenience of shaving, plucking, and removing hair on a routine basis for both men and women.

The primary benefit of laser hair removal is that this process disables hair follicles. The long-term disruption of hair production eliminates the need for grooming with razors, tweezers, wax, and other modalities. So you not only get smoother skin but you also gain freedom from the burden of consistently removing unwanted hair.

When hair is removed through vaporization with laser energy, the need for other methods of hair removal is immediately eliminated. What else gets eliminated are the frustrating side effects of shaving, waxing, and plucking, such as redness, ingrown hairs, razor burn, stubble, and shadowing.


The premise of laser hair removal is to stop hair growth entirely. When specific wavelengths of light penetrate into the hair follicles, they get absorbed into strands of hair. The melanin, or color, in strands of hair is what makes this possible. When light permeates the follicle, hair vaporizes immediately. At the same time, the heat that destroys existing hairs is absorbed into the walls of the follicles. This absorption damages the follicles in a controlled manner and disables the ability to continue producing hair beyond the current growth cycle. This is why multiple treatments are necessary; because only the hair that is in the follicles at the time of treatment is removed.

Some areas of the body are more sensitive than others during laser hair removal. Regardless, patients rarely describe the process as painful. The stinging and snapping that may be felt during treatment are generally more of a mild nuisance than a painful side effect. We will make every effort to keep you comfortable.

The duration of laser hair treatment depends on the treatment area or the number of areas being treated. Underarm and arm treatments may take only 5 to 10 minutes, whereas treating the legs may require thirty minutes or more. Your provider will discuss the details of your treatment process after a thorough consultation in our office.

It is important to plan for multiple treatment sessions when beginning your laser hair removal journey. Up to 8 treatments, sometimes more, are needed to effectively halt the hair growth cycle. Additional factors, such as age, hormones, and complexion contribute to the number of treatments you may need.
The primary risk of laser hair treatment is skin irritation, blistering, and burns. When performed by a trained, licensed professional, laser skin treatment is a safe and effective method of eliminating unwanted hair.

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